Welcome to Naya USA Investment & Management LLC

Hollywood AtriumNaya USA Investment & Management LLC is a boutique investment firm with a dedicated focus on the acquisition and management of profitable commercial and residential real estate assets.

Naya USA was founded in 2005 and is concentrated in Florida and Indiana. The firm has deep knowledge and understanding of the office real estate industry in which it invests and a long track record of success. Through its team of investment and operations professionals, Naya USA specializes in providing operational expertise as well as financial resources to provide long-term success for its investors and private clients worldwide.

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The difference

At Naya USA, we have been committed to providing unique investment and management services since 2005. Our passion stems from our deeply rooted experience and specialized industry expertise which opens doors to a wide range of global investment and management opportunities for both private investors and clients.

Naya USA stands for solidity, flexibility and responsiveness. Each one of our acquisitions is fully curated through a comprehensive and thorough market analysis, coupled with an intensive evaluation of each individual property to assure quality and your complete satisfaction.

Years of experience has lead Naya USA to refine a set of tools for assessing operational, structural and strategic challenges, allowing Naya USA to engage in and extract value from complex investments.

Geographical focus

With current geographic focus in Florida and Indiana, the firm constantly explores acquisition opportunities throughout the United States. At present, the firm owns, manages and leases a portfolio of more than 1.5M square feet of both residential and office real estate throughout Florida and Indiana.
Naya USA serves clients throughout South Florida, including Palm Beach County, Homestead and Hollywood.


The team at Naya USA is ready to answer your questions and assist you in your investments. Please contact Naya USA at your convenience to discuss your specific investment and management needs. We can help you clarify your objectives and determine the most effective plan to achieve your objectives. Put our skills and expertise to work for you.